HARDcade Video Mapping


Interactive video mapping made in Villa Tittoni Traversi, Desio, and in Forte Marghera, Venice (Italy).

Despite videogames are widely known and popular, they aren’t often promoted to conversation with other art forms or cultures.
The challenge proposed by the work is to overcome this habit and establishing a dialogue between a gaming application and an historic building. Promoting the visitors as active players and co-authors of the work.

The work highlight, through the video mapping, every architectural elements that best characterize the facade of Villa Tittoni Traversi.
For this purpose over 180 items of the building were chosen, including pilasters, capitals, pediments and windows.
A mnemonic interactive game has been developed using these broad group of items.
This choice was aimed to create a new relationship between the public and the architecture, replacing the mere spectacularity of computer graphics effects with the idea of rediscover the wonder of architecture through contemporary tecnologies.

The project is scalable and adapted to any architecture, either outdoors or indoors (exhibition spaces, art galleries). The simplicity of the gameplay and control interface makes it suitable for a wide public.

The game is inspired by the famous Simon, a classic electronic memory game of the 70s, a reworking of childhood play Simon Says, where the players must do everything that Simon says and do.
In the origial electronic game, the computer creates a sequence of tones for the player to mimic. As each tone is played, a corresponding light (red, green, blue or yellow) illuminates. With each passing round, the sequence is increased by one. Game play continues until the player makes a mistake.

In HARDcade Video Mapping the interaction with the public occurs through a series of colored buttons, positioned one some meters from the other.
The color of each button corresponds to a tone and a group of elements on the facade.
The computer, via video projection, illuminates some architectural elements and plays tones creating new sequences of increasing complexity. The visitors have to pay attention to these alternation of colors and tones for repeating these by pressing the appropriate buttons.

HARDcade Video Mapping engaged visitors into a relationship with an architectural space, using and combining visual art, music and architecture.

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Work licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License