Playing The Game

created by Paolo Branca

Playing The Game is a platform created to promote videogames’ creative and innovative potential. Playing The Game was founded by Paolo Branca (aka VjVISUALOOP).
On October 27th and 28th the first Playing The Game event will be held in Milan, at Spazio O’: it represents the meeting point of production practices, use and (re)interpretation of the videogame medium.

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The event will take place within the context of IF - Immagina il futuro, promoted by the Province of Milan and the Chamber of Commerce.

Playing The Game will be organized according to thematic areas, dealing with many aspects of the videogames universe, from the most practical (the playing experience) to those strictly connected with Academy and Art. Specifically, the sections of the exhibition will be:

  1. Indie Games. Dedicated to the promotion and popularization of independent game culture.
  2. Home Brew. Will present titles developed on gaming platforms of the past.
  3. Game Art. An exhibition organized as a series of works deliberately contaminated with suggestions from gaming practice, where the world of videogames is the underlying reference topic.
  4. Conferences. Papers, seminars and round tables on various topics in the field of Game Studies and gaming in general.

The event will gather leading national and international personalities for each of the thematic areas. The Game Art section will feature works by Matteo Bittanti, Duncan Harris, Marco Mendeni, Shinji Murakami, Kenton Sheely, TonyLight and VjVISUALOOP.

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