Protopixel HARDcade


“Videogames are not only a matter of a continue research of better realism.
Videogames are also a kind of abstraction, as they reflect the historical development of hardware and software through their scenes.
A reflection on the ancient amusement decade of the ’80, for a new age of collective play”.

With Protopixel HARDcade, visitors can perform live visuals with an old videogame, Arcade cabinet.

arcade cabinet Gyeonggi-do photo installation photo Gijon photo

Protopixel HARDcade is an Interactive installation.

It consists of a software embedded into a old videogame, Arcade cabinet.
Visitors can perform live visuals by utilizing the original controls of the cabinet (joysticks and buttons).
The visuals are generated by the software and displayed through the monitor of the cabinet and two video projectors.
The monitor display the images at a slow refresh rates (15Khz) like the Arcade games of the 80s, while the projectors provide a different experience.
The images on the monitor look blurred, while those projected on the walls are more crispy.
The moving images are characterized by low resolution, aliased images, a limited frame rate and a limited set of colors, as well as some loops and “old school” effects. Some graphic elements are abstract geometries and repeated patterns.
The software also includes electronic 8-bit sounds related to the images displayed on the screens.


Push the buttons to trigger new sequences of images and sounds
coin-op buttonsMove these sequences along X and Y asexs via joysticks
X and Y asexsPress and hold two joysticks simultaneously to move these sequences diagonally

Résumé of the artist:

VjVISUALOOP is a media art project by Paolo Branca.
He designs performances and interactive installations by combining digital and analog, images and sounds.

Main events and exhibitions:

  • “Micromusic Party @ World Cyber Games” (Monza, Italy 2006);
  • “Where is 107” (Milan, Italy 2007);
  • “Videodrome” (Milan, Italy 2007);
  • “Milano Film Festival” (Milan, Italy 2007);
  • “Portfolio Night” (Milan, Italy 2008);
  • “Videogiocando” (Reggio Emilia, Italy 2008 / 2009);
  • “ADCI Awards Party” (Milan, Italy 2008 / 2009);
  • “Milano Green Art Festival” (Milan, Italy 2009);
  • “Videogames History” (Monza, Italy 2009 / 2010);
  • “Playlist” (Gijón, Spain 2009 / Bruxelles, Belgium 2010);
  • “Bit World” (Milan, Italy 2011);
  • “Neoludica: Italians Do It Better!!” (Venice / Mestre, Italy 2011);
  • “Nam June Paik Summer festival, 21 rooms” (Gyeonggi-do, South Korea 2011);
  • “8 Bits per Pixel” (Cambridge, MA United States / Istanbul, Turkey 2011);
  • “Atopic Machinima Film Festival” (Paris, France 2011);
  • “BYOB” (Milan, Italy 2012);
  • “Toolkit Festival” (Venice, Italy 2012);
  • “Playing The Game” (Milan, Italy 2012 ongoing).

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