The Ultimate Competition


Live remix of the final sequence of Michelangelo Antonioni’s movie Blow-Up.

The video contains some sounds taken from several videogames and some frames taken from the remake of Ant Attack.
Ant Attack is a videogame produced by Sandy White in 1983 for ZX Spectrum.
The Ultimate Competition was presented in Paris during Atopic Machinima Film Festival 2011 edition.

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Introduction to the author:

The Ultimate Competition, consists of a remake of the final sequence of Michelangelo Antonioni’s movie Blow-Up.

In the beginning, I focused on the visual aspects of my work. I distorted the original images by working on the tape in VHS format of the movie, in order to get a special expressive/stylistic effect.
Then, I edited the images from the movie with a vjing software, as if it were an audio-visual performance. With computer graphics, I inserted a short sequence taken from the indie videogame 3D Ant Attack and some sounds taken from some 8-bit videogames of the 80s.
I find the contrast between the expressive richness of filmic images and the audiovisual peculiarities of videogames challenging. So, I mix digital and analog in my works.

Now I chose Blow-Up because in his movie Antonioni treats, among all the themes, the very actual one of the relation between fiction and reality.
In Antonioni’s movie, the dichotomy implied in this relation is cancelled. This means that the movie represents a reality with a virtual content.
The last sequence of the movie well expresses this concept.

In my editing, I represented the transformation of Thomas (David Hemmings), the main character of Antonioni’s movie, into an Avatar, the simulacrum of the player on the screen. By the videogame I stress the check on the reality in favour of a fiction, the simulation, that becomes real.

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